Friday, March 24, 2017

genius hour- 3/24

Today i got to finish 3 more slides and all the research for it. like when his love for cartooning started. also why he wanted to be a cartoonist

Friday, December 9, 2016

Today during genius hour i finished a lot of my presentation. I have to do about 2 more slides and i will be done. I didn't get the project before but now i get it a lot and i think i will get a good grade.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

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Shopping could be very important to people because it can relive stress like it does for me. Shopping can also be very important as well because some people love going shopping because it is just people's hobbies. The government helps shopping because they give the sales and lower the prices.

Image result for gay marriage

Gay marriage is a pursuit of happiness because your happy with the person you love no matter they are your gender or not. This right gives people a chance to love whoever they want. It also gives people the chance to live happily and how they always wanted to. The government gave people this right so the world can be a happier place.
Image result for speed bumps
Speed bumps help people because if you are crossing the street and someone is speeding down the street,the speed bumps slow people down so you do not get hit by the car. Another reason is because if someone goes too fast over speed bumps it messes up there car. The government helps the world by putting speed bumps in the world so there will be less hit and runs. Also so the roads can be a little bit safer.